Samantha McCoy
63 Gee St, London
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Khalik Allah
Bruce Davidson
Cristina De Middel
Yael Martinez

Magnum Photos’ 2022 presentation at Photo London coincides with Magnum’s 75 anniversary year. As such we will celebrate Magnum’s unique history while showcasing the new generation of our photographers.

The booth will present work by four photographers: Khalik Allah, Bruce Davidson, Yael Martinez and Cristina de Middel.

Khalik Allah and Bruce Davidson offer us two visions of New York urban life, generations apart, focusing their respective lenses’ on communities in distress, riddled with poverty and addiction. They propose testimonies of their time, characterized by the same degree of directness and proximity with their subjects, deprived of judgment and sentimentalism.

The work of Cristina de Middel and Yael Martinez suggest more surrealist visions, although still grounded in reality. Both represent a new generation of Magnum photographers who question the notion of truth in photography and challenge the limits of the traditional documentary style.