Zein Khalifa
Heba Farid
17 Bahgat Aly Street
Exhibited artists
Ibrahim Ahmed
Nabil Boutros
Bryony Dunne
Bernard Guillot
Barry Iverson
Sara Sallam
Xenia Nikolskaya

TINTERA is the only private gallery in Egypt dedicated to photography. With a gallery in Cairo and an office in London, our aim is to raise the profile of contemporary and historical photography in and of Egypt through a program of exhibitions, events and research projects. We represent artists from Egypt and elsewhere, emerging and established, with Egypt being the common inspiration in their work.

The name TINTERA comes from the ancient Egyptian town of Dendera where a relief on the walls of the Temple of Hathor shows the sun projecting its rays on the land. When the medium of photography was introduced in 1839 photographers flocked to Egypt not only to capture the hieroglyphic inscriptions and monuments, but because they were also drawn to the abundance of light, the most essential component of photography. Throughout the 20th century Egypt continued to be a destination for the biggest names in photography and remains one of the most photographed places in the world. TINTERA was founded in order to shine light on these past photographers and on those working today.